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May 03, 2018

Davies Bagambiire, Toronto Centre Provincial Liberal Association Past President endorses Todd Ross

Todd Ross is the Best Liberal Party Candidate for Toronto Centre. I support Todd because have is honest, hard-working, relates to every one, and understands the riding the most.

Todd has 25 years of experience working on a variety of issues in Toronto Center. He has my vote. I encourage you to join me in voting for him.

Davies Bagambiire
Past President
Toronto Centre Provincial Liberal Association 

May 03, 2018

Fellow Liberal and Liberal Staffer, Phil Parsons endorses Todd Ross

As a friend, peer and long term Liberal, it is my pleasure to offer my support for Todd Ross and his nomination as your Liberal candidate For Toronto Center.

I have known Todd for many years and he has always worked hard promoting our Liberal values in Toronto Centre, Queens Park and Ontario.

We ask the candidates in any election, why should I vote for you?
Well here is in my opinion, why you need to vote for Todd.

As a former Constituency Assistant for Toronto Center, Todd has the unique experience and the understanding of the needs and concerns of one of Canada’s most diverse ridings. He knows and understands the pulse of the community that he has served for many years all the while tirelessly volunteering his time and energy to many local community agencies.

Todd truly cares for the folks of Toronto Center and your Liberal Party of Ontario. Simply put he has the dedication, experience and heart to represent Toronto Center. I believe he is the right person for the job.

Phil Parsons 
25 year resident of Toronto Center
Former Assistant to:
the Hon. Judy Sgro, MP, Humber River Black Creek
the Hon. Ken Dryden, York Center
Borys Wrzesnewskyj, MP Etobicoke Center

April 26, 2018

Siloni Waraich, Past President of the Ontario Liberal Party endorses Todd Ross

A vote for Todd is a vote for community. I've had the pleasure of working with Todd in Toronto Centre, at Queen's Park and at the Ontario Liberal Party. Todd brings decades of experience in politics and community to his work. He is passionate about the communities he works with and has a wonderful ability to connect with people.


Siloni Waraich

Past President, Ontario Liberal Party

April 28, 2018

Political Professor, Neil Tomlinson endorses Todd Ross

As MPP, Todd Ross will be a powerful – as well as a strong and courageous – voice speaking for the people of Toronto Centre. With deep roots in the community and its organizations, he understands what is needed. Whether talking about Aboriginal issues, LGBT issues, environmental issues, or any other matters of concern to residents, he is an articulate, effective, and passionate voice.

Todd is a team player, not afraid to ask for help and advice when needed, and he is very good at building consensus. Perhaps more importantly, Todd understands political institutions, and how to use them effectively to translate ideas into action. Toronto Centre would be well represented by Todd Ross!

Neil Thomlinson, 
Politics Professor

April 23, 2018

MPP, Tracy MacCharles endorses Todd Ross

I met Todd when I first entered public office and have seen his work in the community and within the Liberal Party. Todd is a team player who believes that together we can continue to make a more fair, more secure future for everyone.  Vote Todd for Toronto Centre!

Tracy MacCharles,

MPP, Pickering - Scarborough East

May 01, 2018

Jason Lisenchuk, George Smitherman Community Action Centre Manager, endorses Todd Ross for Toronto Centre ​​

While there are many exceptionally qualified candidates to consider, Todd stands out as the very best choice.

His track record of community service is untouchable, his work ethic is impeccable, and he is one of the finest individuals I have had the pleasure to meet and know.

Todd is our surest bet to (1) win Toronto Centre (once again), (2) advocate for progressive policies in the best interests of all constituents (here and province wide), and (3) bolster our provincial campaign to ensure that Doug Ford (Mike Harris 2.0 if not far worse) does not become the next Premier of Ontario.

Jason Lisenchuk

April 23, 2018

Ontario Liberal Party Past President, Derek Teevan endorses Todd Ross

I've know Todd as a friend and colleague in the Liberal Party for over 15 years. I see Todd as a tireless advocate and important voice on LGBQT and aboriginal issues in particular. Todd has a persuasive and engaging personality that is well suited for representing Toronto Centre - he tackles urban issues with a small town view of taking care of your neighbour.

Derek Teevan
Past President, Ontario Liberal Party

April 08, 2018

Smitherman endorses Todd Ross as Toronto Centre Liberal Nominee

“It’s Todd Ross time in Toronto Centre”

At last an open nomination has unleashed a competitive field of candidates to the streets and lobbies of Toronto Centre conjuring up support and generating much needed renewal for the Liberals.

Todd Ross stands out amongst the impressive field for the depth of his relationship to the neighbourhoods, communities and the people of Toronto Centre. I know that because I first met Todd in 1994 while I worked on Barbara Hall’s successful Mayoral effort and just after he had been drummed out of the Canadian Navy on account of his sexual orientation. 

Sometime later Todd and I teamed up on an array of projects from helping get Marc Hall and his bf to the school prom over the pronounced wishes of the Durham Catholic School Board (we actually paid for the Limo), as my cycling training partner and ride companion as we tackled the Northumberland Hills in support of raising funds for people living in our community with AIDs. In fact, picture an event or happening of importance over decades and chances are that if it happened in Toronto Centre Todd Ross was there and probably had his finger in it somehow. 

His territory and reach is as expansive as the relationships that Toronto Centre encompasses, that is to say global. Amongst numerous charitable efforts and good natured assistance Todd Ross has led a successful class action law suit to get justice for LGBT Canadians like him mistreated by the military, he helped communicate the plight of hundreds of Tamil migrants coming ashore in British Columbia, he combined his Metis heritage and political knowledge to aid in the work of the Metis Nation of Ontario.

Did I mention that he is a climate change champion and a long time proponent for people living in the community with mental illness and that he has a very deep knowledge of the health system especially in Toronto Centre?

And I know for a fact that he has been a good partner, son and son in law and a nurturing pet owner as well. 

Todd is so pure he even refused to pick up the other candidate’s campaign literature when we found it at the doors (I argued in favour of recycling).

Snarly wags who are around might want to mention that in a past Toronto Centre battle Todd and I were not on the same page as I put my own dreams aside and leant support to Chrystia Freeland in her maiden run for politics. I have been glad to have her there in Ottawa as a counter balance to Putin and other global threats and I will be just as glad to have Todd at Queen’s Park protecting the interests of the extraordinary Ontarians who live in and relate to Toronto Centre, a cherished place and people.

Let’s rally for Todd in Toronto Centre and use our energy to help put the brakes on the campaign of the world’s worst brother Doug Ford!!!


George Smitherman

Toronto Centre MPP

1999 – 2010

April 26, 2018

Georgina Bencsik, Former Ontario Liberal Party Toronto Area Coordinator and LPC National Vice-President (Ontario) endorses Todd Ross

Todd Ross is a community worker. It’s as simple as that because Todd is a part of the community of Toronto Centre and a worker within the area for the community.


I’ve known Todd in many capacities: Toronto Centre PLA, Ontario Liberal Party, Toronto Centre FLA, Liberal Party of Canada, Climate Reality Project (I was on the team recommending Todd to be selected for this honourable training from Nobel Laureate, Al Gore as he cares for the environment and community), Casey House, advocacy for LGBTQ organizations and events, and Canadian Human Rights Voice.


Todd showed exemplary community work and service in every organization and event. He’s reachable and will get you an answer for whatever question you may have in a most timely fashion. Todd’s a team player and I hope you will be a part of the team to support Todd Ross for MPP Toronto Centre. 


Georgina Bencsik

Former, National Vice-President, Ontario, Liberal Party of Canada

Former, Toronto Area Coordinator, Ontario Liberal Party 

Climate Leader, Climate Reality and member of Toronto and Ottawa Climate Hub 

Green Chair, Rotary International E-Club of Social Innovators 

April 20, 2018

City Councillor, Shelley Carroll endorses Todd Ross

I'm so excited that Todd Ross is headed for Nomination as Toronto Centre’s Ontario Liberal Candidate on May 5th. If you live in Toronto Centre, go on over to  and get to know him.  He’s done so much there you probably already do!


Todd Ross, an excellent Chair of Toronto Atmospheric Fund and highly respected member of Toronto’s Aboriginal Affairs Committee. If you live in Toronto Centre, go to to find out how your membership could help bring Todd to Queen’s Park.

Shelley Carroll
Toronto City Councillor,
Ward 33 - Don Valley East

April 22, 2018

Stephanie Karapita from Casey House endorses Todd Ross

I hired Todd to work at Casey House, a specialty AIDS hospital in Toronto Centre, and we worked together for seven years. As Director of Community Development and Information Services, he was highly effective in collaborating with our community partners to advance health care for a highly marginalized group of people who needed our help.


Todd was a true team player and offered his wisdom and experience to achieve results. I could always count on him to get a job done. I highly recommend that the residents of Toronto Centre hire Todd Ross to be their MPP.

Stephanie Karapita

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